Yuvarlakçay is summer hot problems’ answer. This village is in Muğla Köyceğiz Turkey. There are many swings on the fresh water area. You can sit and swinging on the cool place. If you take your profetional camera you will take great pictures and videos on this activity.

This fresh water is coming froum Sandras mountains. Its degree is always cold summer or winter. When you can put a watermelon inside the water, its realy great positive energy for your lunch.


Köyceğiz Yuvarlakçay

Why Should You Go To Yuvarlakçay?

Summer is the best season everybody loves summer but sometimes it makes unhappy to us in july and august. When you feel like this,  Yuvarlakçay is the great idea.
Foreign turists realy happy to see and swim here.

If you go to there in the morning you can have great breakfast. So drinking your tea and coffee.
Somepeople loves cold water and this place especially for them because the water is too cold. 🙂

You can look at the price list for 2019 summer season.

yuvarlakçay fiyat listesi travelmugla yuvarlakçay fiyat listesi travelmugla

Can We Campping In Yuvarlakçay?

There isn’t any camping place in Yuvarlakçay.. If you talk with Yuvarlakçay Restaurant management maybe they can help you for setting up tent.

Accommodation In Yuvarlakçay

There are many bungalows, boutique otels and aparts. Before to go there,unconditionally ı advise to call hotels.


Köyceğiz Yuvarlakçay

Where is Yuvarlakçay Muğla Turkey

Its called ‘Cold Paradise’ becaus Sandras mountain gives snow melting of the fresh water. Its far to 20 km from Köyceğiz. You can see the shortcut way in google maps it looks 4,8 km. And this way has many restaurants if you feel hungry you should visit one.

How We Can Go To Yuvarlakçay?

When you are on Köyceğiz Ortaca way, you will see Beyobası. After 15 km from Beyobası you will arrive this place. If you want to use bus every 30 minutes in the centrical.


– There isnt any signboards on the way :(. So you shouldn’t pass Beyobası or Zeytinalanı way. You should always check your navigation. When you turn the way, road is clear an smooth. Some places are footpath but if you use slowly you will arrive to Yuvarlakçay.
– If you love to drink tea or coffee like me, you should to visit a restaurant. All prices are similar. You can visit, drink and watch the view.  But my advice before to sit someplace ask the prices. We paid 4 tl for 4 teas and 1 water (2019 summer)
– If you dont know to swim you can sit near the fresh water and drink your coffee. River is too powerful. But ıf you like to swim current water here is for you. When you are swinging on the fresh water you can jump to water.
– Especially too crowded in summer. So my advice is to go early morning.
– There are many fountains on the way you can wash your body and fill your bottle

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Yuvarlakçay Weather Forecast