How to get to Toparlar Waterfall?

Its 60 km far from Muğla Centre, 5 km from Köyceğiz. Toparlar Waterfall is in Muğla Köyceğiz Turkey. You should turn path way and walk 15 minutes.


Why should we go to Toparlar Waterfall?

Here is for walking great place. After long walking you can get fresh in here which is cool and cold water. Toparlar Waterfall is the north of Köyceğiz Lake. If you want to walk you can do trekking.



My advise is you should bring your waterprof shoes and sport suits. Additionally here is far to centre so if you bring your picnic pocket. If you forget to take eating and drinking snacks, you can from markets. You eat traditional gözleme and ayran. They are famous and popular in Turkish culture. I recomend,  if you want to go ther you should to go early morning. You will say to me thank.


Toparlar Waterfall

The fresh water is coming from the mountains which makes small lakes. After 15 minutes the great lake meet with you. The deep of lake is 4 – 5 meters. You can swim  and feel cool. But the water is fresh so if you want to swin be carefully. If you like to climb rocks, you can climb and watch the waterfall from the top


-If you want to live in Mugla, Köyceğiz is the best place. This city is beautiful in every season.
-Toparlar Waterfall isnt just view destination, here is right choice for trekkings. You can follow the path marks.
-Unfortunately we can see rubbishes in every holiday points. It makes unhappy like you. If you bring some pockets with your bag you can pick up from here.

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Where is Toparlar Waterfall?

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